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We believe that excellent schools begin with excellent leaders

School Leaders have the potential to drive improved student outcomes, yet in many places, School Leaders don’t receive the right training to support learning in their schools. Our goal is to address this gap. 


The unique contexts and needs of countries in the global south require unique solutions. Our emphasis lies in rallying crucial stakeholders to invest in and engage with school leadership interventions. Collaborating with funders, governments, and civil society organizations throughout the Global South, we strive to strengthen education systems, paving the way for an excellent education accessible to all children.

Our Values

Trust as a Foundation

We believe operating from a place of trust allows for ownership, accountability and paves the way for radical collaboration.

Honour Local Wisdom

We believe in actively involving local stakeholders in decision-making, adapting our approaches to local cultural contexts, committing to learning from those with deep local knowledge.

Learners of Leadership

We believe that operating with a student/learner mindset allows us to be open to feedback, continuously evolve our understanding of leadership, and nurture creative curiosity in solving complex problems.

Our Team

Our Global Team

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We are a small but mighty remote team spread across the globe. We care about each other, and we care about the work. By 2026, we hope to be actively improving the quality of school leadership for 6 million students, helping school leadership be a priority for policymakers, practitioners, and researchers.

Open Positions

There are no open positions at the moment. Stay tuned to this space to know about new opportunities.


Applications for the current cohort of our GSL Internship Program are now closed. Stay tuned to this space to learn about new opportunities.​


Board of Directors

Dana Schmidt

Senior Program Officer, Echidna Giving, Palo Alto, CA

Vikas Pota

Founder, T4 Education, London, England

Sameer Sampat

Executive Director, Pousaz Philanthropies, USA

Laurence Lien

Founder and CEO, Asia Philanthropy Circle, Singapore

Folawe Omikunle

CEO, Teach For Nigeria

Dr. Amrita Ahuja

Chair of Board, Douglas B. Marshall Jr. Family Foundation

Our Funders

Our Funders

Our Partners

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