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Abraham Okumba

Senior Manager, Programs

Abraham is an education professional with a Bachelor of Education degree and over nine years of cumulative experience working in Education & Development.

Most recently, he has led Training and Professional Development for Schools staff for the Newglobe program in Kenya and Uganda. He led in the planning & management of different types of training, development of training materials, session & trainer observation & development, data management, staff development, and projects management. Abraham's work also involved collaborating with stakeholders, colleagues & partners in programs spread across five other countries to deliver various training and coaching interventions. 

Previously, Abraham worked as a Teacher Trainer-Coach for a non-profit, Impact(Ed) International. His work involved supporting the use of media in the classroom to transform education - working with public and private sector partners to improve teacher, school leader, and school board management effectiveness and student learning. 

Before Impact(Ed), he worked in Instructional Design with different publishing firms in Kenya, inducting authors, explaining curriculum requirements, and guiding them through content development for learning materials for schools in Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia.

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