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Driving Systemic Change

We create spaces for dialogue to raise awareness about the critical role of school leadership. All our global advocacy work is based on what we learn from our partners’ experiences and supports our partners as they work to garner support for their in-country work. GSL has built an extensive set of relationships with governments, funders, policymakers, and school leaders and aims to build a global network committed to building excellent leaders for excellent schools. 


Featured Work

We’re bringing together influential leaders and institutions to drive meaningful dialogue around school leadership and its tangible impact on socio-economic challenges. Our ultimate goal is to explore ways this translates into measurable policy change across countries in the global south. 

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Join our global community

Our global community and network is what makes everything we do possible. Help us redefine what school leadership can really do for the future of education. Three things that can help us drive greater impact:

Funding Support
To expand our work in new countries.

New Partnerships
With local organizations that are already working with School Leaders.

Join Our Team

We are always looking for people who share our passion for school leadership and education to join our team.

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