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We enable school leadership to create deep, long-lasting impact using a contextual and evidence-based approach

Why School Leadership?

Around the world, education systems face a learning crisis. 

This learning crisis is more acute in global south countries, where nearly 70% of children are not able to read and understand a simple story by age 10. 


We provide effective training and support to School Leaders to solve this crisis.

School Leadership Interventions are powerful because they are
Learning outcomes

Directly connected to improvement in student learning outcomes

Cost efficient

Extremely cost-effective; studies show that training School Leaders adds just 5% to the school budget and increases student learning by 30%.


Enable and empower communities that engage with schools. 

Despite this potential, school leadership remains underutilized. We aim to change this.

How do we do it?

We place great faith in the influence of networks and the exchange of knowledge and experiences. Our programs are crafted to support our partners and feature highly customizable and easily implementable interventions. The evidence base we are constructing is rooted in deep research. We strive to develop a  knowledge repository for school leadership in the global south—knowledge that is both contextual and pertinent to organizations and teams working directly with School Leaders. Moreover, we leverage these networks to initiate discussions on school leadership, aiming for enduring systemic change through policy engagement.


We believe in the untapped potential of School Leaders to transform and improve educational experiences and learning outcomes in schools across Latin America, Africa and Asia

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Our vision for students

We believe school leaders are critical to student outcomes. We are dedicated to shaping a future where initiatives to empower and support School Leaders attain global prominence, local policies offer enhanced support to School Leaders, particularly in countries in the global south, and individual School Leaders possess the knowledge and skills needed to elevate their practice.

        Since 2017, we have supported over 13,000 School Leaders across Latin America, Africa, and Asia

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