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Dr. Ivana Zacarias

Director of Programs

Ivana brings to GSL over 15 years of experience in improving education equity and quality, at NGOs, academia and government. In the third sector, she has worked at renowned organizations such as Foundation CEIBAL (Uruguay), SUMMA (Chile) and NORRAG (Switzerland), on large-scale projects. In Argentina, she held the role of Director of Learning Assessment at the National Ministry of Education (2017-2019), where she led the first teacher training assessment in the country. Before, she was also part of the team that created BEC.AR a national program for funding graduate degrees abroad in strategic sectors.

Her intellectual mentor used to be Juan Carlos Tedesco, with who she worked for eight years at Universidad Nacional de San Martín, on improving professors´ teaching to reduce failure and dropouts at college. She also used to be a professor there and at Universidad de San Isidro.

Ivana also counts on multiple publications, including books (one on improving instructional leadership at schools), articles in peer reviewed journals, instructional material and dissemination articles. Her recurring concern is how to improve justice, although nowadays climate change is a top priority as well.

She holds a PhD in Education and Society from Universidad de Barcelona and a Master in International Educational Policy from Harvard University, and was Humphrey Fellow at Peabody School in Vanderbilt University. She lives in Buenos Aires.

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