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Dr. Gina Ikemoto

Consultant, Monitoring & Evaluation

Gina has over 20 years of experience studying education reforms and translating research into policy and practice. She is currently a Senior Advisor for the George W. Bush Institute, consulting on design of their School Leadership Initiative. She has authored research-based frameworks and tools for educational leadership, such as the National Association of Secondary School Leaders’ Building Ranks Framework, and guides for measuring the impact of school leadership development programs, such as the SEP3 Toolkit: State Evaluation of Principal Preparation Programs.

She has also served on multiple advisory committees to create standards and assessments for educational leaders, such as the Technical Advisory Group for National Board Certification of Accomplished Principals and the National Educational Leadership Preparation (NELP) Standards advisory committee. She was previously the Executive Director of Research and Policy Development at New Leaders, an Education Policy Researcher at the RAND Corporation, and an elementary teacher for the District of Columbia Public Schools. Dr. Ikemoto holds a doctorate in Education Policy from the University of Maryland.

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