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Evidence Reviews

A comprehensive review of research around school leadership in the Global South to provide meaningful insights into formulating impactful policies and actionable solutions.

Evidence Reviews in School Leadership

Evidence reviews are crucial in advancing our understanding of complex issues around school leadership and the contextual factors that shape it in the Global South. By synthesizing findings from multiple studies, our evidence reviews provide a comprehensive overview of existing research, identifying patterns, trends, and gaps in knowledge.

The evidence reviews offer insights into best practices, inform policy decisions, and guide future research directions, ultimately contributing to the creation of conditions where school leaders thrive and enhance learning outcomes.

Evidence Reviews over the years
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Evidence Review 2024: A Review of Research on Gender in School Leadership
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To deepen our understanding of gender in school leadership roles, this comprehensive review of over 50 studies from Africa, Asia, and Latin America addresses the following questions:

  • In what ways does female school leadership affect students?

  • What is the extent of female school leaders’ underrepresentation, and what factors lead to that, especially in the LMIC context?

  • What can be done to improve the representation of women in school leadership roles?

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Evidence Review 2020: A Review of Empirical Research on School Leadership in the Global South

The report has reviewed more than 70 studies, focusing on the empirical literature from the Global South. It summarizes evidence of what is known about:

  • The relationship between school leadership and student outcomes 

  • The status of school leaders in education systems;

  • The availability and impact of training programs for school leaders 

  •  Enabling conditions that impact the quality of school leadership and effectiveness of school leadership training.

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