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Excellent Schools begin with Excellent Leaders

We support partners to deliver quality training to school leaders serving students in underserved communities across the world.


We have a high quality, evidence-based training program for School Leaders

Our School Leadership Program is designed to help improve student learning outcomes in under-resourced schools.


We partner with local organizations to maximize our reach.

We work with partners to design contextualized programs that they deliver to school leaders in their region.

How We Work

GSL is driven to improve school systems through leadership training. Our support is responsive and adaptable to the cultural and policy context of our partners. Here are a few examples of our recent work across India, Indonesia, Kenya, and Malaysia.

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Improving schools in low & middle-income countries (LMIC) is a complex problem. We know what it takes to make it happen.

We bring deep experience in designing and delivering school leadership training in low and middle-income countries.


CEO, Pemimpin (Malaysia)

I started Pemimpin GSL in 2017, with little to no experience of how to run an education non-profit in Malaysia. With the help, support and guidance of GSL, we managed to grow the organization starting with just three people to a team of six. We have also expanded our reach, starting with just 25 schools and today at over 60 schools. GSL has helped us strengthen our curriculum, measurement & evaluation and guided us to go further on in our mission to ensure quality education for all children in Malaysia.

Our Goals for 2026

Expand our reach in low and middle income countries

By 2026 our goal is to impact 10 million children across 20 low and middle income countries annually.

Increase our impact by investing in research and data 

To reinforce the impact of our program, we aim to improve and increase our research and program M&E efforts.

Develop more online training programs

Delivering our program virtually helps scale our program and expand our footprint.

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