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A framework to develop new solutions and refine existing programs.

Program Development and Analysis Tool (PDAT) 


GSL’s Program Development and Analysis Tool (PDAT) lays out what we currently believe are the critical elements of running a high-quality school leadership development program with a focus on instructional, professional, and personal leadership. The PDAT lays out the best practices for program, monitoring and evaluation, and organizational development and is based on research on school leadership and experience working with our partners. The PDAT can be used to help partners design new programs and to review ongoing programs.

What we want to achieve

Our goal is to provide partners with an opportunity for meaningful reflection, problem-solving, and prioritization. We are also working towards codifying a process for developing and analyzing school leadership-focused programs.

How we do it

The PDAT is organized to demonstrate the complete process of program design and delivery and emphasizes the following:

  • Conduct background research and needs analysis about the context. 

  • Embed process monitoring and evaluation in the design of the program.

  • Build ongoing cycles of data-based decision-making into the program design.

  • Design professional development processes for roles that support school leaders.


Our Program development process using the PDAT includes the following steps: 

Discover: Understand the context, gather baseline data, and design a theory of action. 

Define: Define the program learning objectives and the plan to identify program effectiveness. 

Develop: Develop the learning cycle and the scope and sequence of content and create monitoring, evaluation, and learning tools and processes. 


Our program review process using PDAT involves: 

  • Partners share key documents and reflections and GSL analyzes documents against the PDAT

  • Partner and GSL having a series of review and analysis conversations to reflect on the program’s progress and identify priorities for the upcoming year

  • Partner and GSL outlining next steps and co-create an action plan for the upcoming year

We have run this process as a pilot with five of our in-country partners (in India, Kenya, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brazil). Based on our initial learning, we are now working on updating the tool, developing complementary resources, and an online version of the tool that will allow partners to conduct the process for themselves.


By using the PDAT, our partners have been able to design thoughtful programs that address the specific needs of their contexts and contain embedded data analysis, reflection, and continuous improvement processes.

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