We curate and contextualize best practices in school leadership globally to meet the distinct demands placed on school systems in the developing world .


We incubate independent organizations that develop leaders serving the neediest students, focus on student learning, and rigorously measure impact.  Building on the model of the India School Leadership Institute, we aim to create programs that are replicable on scale at a cost point that is relevant to local country conditions.  Our goal is for GSL-incubated programs that are at least three years old to show that school leadership development is positively and cost-effectively impacting student learning.  



As we look beyond pilot programs toward scale, we believe technology has the potential to reach much greater numbers of school leaders at a limited cost.  We intend to use technology as a means of delivering content, virtual coaching and resource sharing to scale our partners' work and keep our costs low.



We see the need for multiple platforms to convene entrepreneurs, practitioners, academics and policy makers that have an interest in school leadership.  We wish to create regular convenings for knowledge sharing and networking. 



As our network develops, we will serve as a research engine for school leadership, leveraging our global network to study best practices in school leadership development. We aim to promote action-oriented research that advances knowledge about how school leadership can be used to improve student outcomes. Our research will be rigorous, timely, and responsive to the needs of those working in-country.