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We believe that school leadership is successful when it sustainably improves student lives.
We take a three-pronged approach to maximize the impact of school leaders.


Understanding the problems of under-resourced education systems.

We study the context and identify key improvement areas in low and middle-income countries. We then identify or incubate local organizations working directly with schools to address these challenges. We also collaborate with funders and government agencies to ensure our programs are successfully implemented.

Customizing programs for region-specific needs

Once we establish partnerships, we study and evaluate the outcomes of public and private schools in the region. These learnings help us identify problem areas in the schools. We then customize our School Leadership Training Program to cater to the needs of underperforming schools.

Training on-ground partners to implement our program

We support our partners to effectively deliver each module of the School Leadership Training Program for maximum engagement and impact. We train our partners to use evaluation tools to gather data through the course of the program. We use this data to adapt and improve our program continuously.

Providing on-going support to maximize impact

We provide strategic guidance and assistance at each stage of the partnership. We conduct frequent check-ins to evaluate progress and support our partners in areas ranging from fundraising to operational sustainability. Our team provides access to resources, networks, and frameworks that set our partners up for long term success.

Program Implementation

We take an expansive approach to support our partner organizations. This support enables them to customize and deliver GSL programs in under-resourced schools.

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Learning & Design

Our work helps us understand best practices in school leadership and the most effective ways in which training leads to excellence in classrooms.

We triangulate this research with data from our own programs, seek out additional input from experts in the field, and use it to design programs and tools. We test out these tools in pilot programs before we make them available as public tools and resources to the education ecosystem.


Policy Action

We endeavor to create a robust policy ecosystem that supports school leaders at a global and local level. At the global level, we generate and disseminate evidence around the impact of school leaders and promote understanding of issues related to school leadership.

At the local level, we aim to catalyze a self-sustaining movement in our partner countries. We hope to inspire and mobilize donors and policymakers to invest in school leadership, thereby creating a lasting impact on student learning outcomes.

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