Our School Leadership Program is designed for partners to support School Leaders with the right skills, tools and resources to improve the quality of education in their schools.

Designed for School Leaders working in low and middle income countries

SLs are assisted and guided at every stage of the program with a highly trained team that understands and relates to their regional problems.

Built around credible research and evidence gathered internationally

Our team has designed a curriculum based on extensive global research in best practices and frameworks for effective school leadership.

Customized for the needs of

School Leaders

The modular nature of our program allows us to customize based on the changing needs of school leaders across different regions.

Ready-to-use practical tools and frameworks

School leaders are provided tangible, easy-to-adopt tools and frameworks that can be immediately implemented.


Our partners support School Leaders in 4 key leadership areas

Leading Learning

School leaders are supported to deepen their understanding of how to develop adaptive learning strategies and conduct continuous curriculum reviews.

Leading People

School Leaders are guided on effective communication, teamwork building strategies, sharing leadership roles and involving parents and community around the school.

Leading for Equity

School Leaders are supported to create inclusive student policies, address biases and build a platform to enhance student voices and leadership.

Leading for School Improvement

School Leaders are equipped with the skills to develop effective action plans and conduct self-evaluations of their schools.

Program Pillars

The School Leadership Program is designed to evolve through the two years in a way that balances theory and practice and is relevant to the context of each school.


School Leaders are introduced to content that is designed based on the principles of adult learning and grounded in reality. Our content is directly applicable to improving teaching and learning in schools and becoming a more effective school leader.


School Leaders are supported with on-going coaching, coupled with school self-evaluation tools to accurately measure their progress, keeping all stakeholders, including parents, involved.


The community built amongst the cohort of School Leaders allows for an exchange of learning and provides a platform for sharing best practices.

What makes GSL’s School Leadership Program unique?


Global School Leaders is a non-profit organization focused on improving student learning outcomes in under-resourced schools across low and middle-income countries through innovative, on-the-job training programs for School Leaders. GSL brings nearly a decade of experience in designing and delivering school leadership training in developing countries.

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