The India School Leadership Institute (ISLI) was founded in 2012 and has trained more than 600 school principals across the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. GSL emerged to promote school leadership, and in particular the ISLI model, in other countries. 

The ISLI project is currently training school leaders impacting approximately 6,000 teachers and 185,000 students.  Approximately 60% of ISLI’s current cohort is private unaided schools (charging less than USD5 as fees per month) and the remainder are government schools.

ISLI provides on-the- job training to school leaders that includes up to 30 days of training per year that includes monthly school support visits by trained ISLI staff. The total program is 24 months in duration and extends beyond this through an alumni program that includes continued support and training opportunities

The ISLI program focuses on three aspects of leadership:

1.     Leading Learning – preparing principals to become academic supports and guides to their teachers and improve instructional practices in their schools.

2.     Leading People – preparing principals to lead teams that run efficient and effective schools with a strong culture and commitment to excellence.

3.     Leading for Equity – promoting leadership that sees potential in all children and commit themselves to ensuring that all children have an excellent education.

ISLI’s leadership development has resulted in initial improvements in teacher practice and student learning.  Preliminary results from schools in their second year of the program show that:

·      Lesson planning by teachers increased from 21% of teachers to 60%

·      The percentage of students who scored above average compared to the typical budget private school student on math, reading, and reasoning assessments increased from 19% to 29%.