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Director, Gender Equity Programs

This position is now closed. 

We are looking for a visionary and entrepreneurial individual to lead the gender agenda at GSL. As Director of Gender Equity Programs, you will spearhead the gender narrative of the organization and champion the cause of gender equity in school education through the programs at GSL. The right candidate will have a deep and demonstrated understanding of gender issues (specifically in education) and will support the implementation of school leadership programs to produce equitable outcomes for girls and boys while catalyzing a policy conversation within the global education community. 

The Director of Gender Equity Programs will design, develop and lead the research and implementation of projects aligned with our long-term focus on gender equity. This role will directly report to the CEO of GSL and work closely with the research and program teams at GSL. 

School leaders have the potential to make incredible changes in the lives of students by building a strong school culture and helping teachers provide great instruction. Yet, school leadership has not been prioritized in low and middle-income countries. GSL works to change that through the following workstreams:

  1. We catalyze and support local partner organizations to deliver and scale high-quality training to school leaders. 

  2. We generate insights from our partners and the broader research community to inform education policymakers, researchers, and practitioners on the best ways to support and develop strong school leadership. 

  3. We connect our partner organizations with each other for deep learning between themselves and amongst the broader school leadership community - governments, funders, and policymakers.

We are a small but mighty remote team spread across the globe. We care about each other and we care about the work. You can learn more about our culture here. In five years, we have: 

  • Partnered with organizations in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kenya, and Brazil that work with over 3,500 school leaders, impacting approximately 920,000 students.

  • Published an evidence review on what is known about school leadership globally, as well as two surveys that help the policy community hear from teacher and school leader voices.

  • Become one of the leading voices in conversations about school leadership in the global south, being asked to speak at conferences and webinars throughout the world, and be recognized for our work. In 2021, HundrED in partnership with the World Bank, recognized GSL as one of the top ten impactful and scalable solutions that support teachers' professional development. 

  • Established the School Leadership Network with the International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030 hosted by UNESCO and the Varkey Foundation to convene online meetings with 100+ experts and 400+ school leaders from 50+ countries to foster peer learning, and share innovative practices, and strengthen school leaders' voice in policy circles.

  • Expanded our work to support needs during COVID in the Philippines, Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, and Peru.

As Director, Gender Equity Programs, you will be able to:​

  • Develop a vision and roadmap for the gender-focused programs at GSL. You will have the resources and autonomy to help GSL create the vision for this vertical. 

  • Deepen the collective knowledge of the education ecosystem about the interrelation of school leadership and gender equity and responsiveness in LMICs. To build this evidence-based knowledge repository, you will collaborate with our in-house research and program teams to develop effective program models, curriculum and conduct field research across our partner network in the global south. 

  • Identify and document the best practices that enhance gender equity and responsiveness in schools and share them with the wider ecosystem through GSL's extensive networks. You will have access to a global community of education institutions and experts to learn from and share with. 

  • Advocate an inclusive agenda for policy changes within the global education community. Using a strong research-backed agenda, you will attempt to move the needle on policy changes and represent GSL's voice in world forums.

Your first year will be a success if you:

  • Develop a long-term plan for GSL's work around gender and school leadership, including programmatic and policy goals.

  • Lead the first of a three-year project on gender-responsive school leadership. 

  • Lead a diagnostic study on a gender and school leadership program, including working with implementing partners to build and execute a Monitoring & Evaluation plan.

  • Support the GSL Curriculum team in developing content and incorporating a gender equity lens to the available training modules for school leaders.

  • Cultivate and manage relationships to ensure effective communication channels across teams at GSL and with stakeholders across the partner network and funders.

Candidate Qualifications

  • Academic qualification in education/gender studies (desired) or another Master's degree. We welcome applicants who have skills and knowledge from experience but may lack institutional certifications.

  • At least ten years of work experience on gender equity in education. 

  • A deep understanding of gender-related challenges in school systems. 

  • A strong belief and experience in implementing research-informed programs

  • Strong program and project management skills. 

  • Strong writing skills and the ability to express thoughts, arguments, and ideas clearly and effectively.

Work Location and Remuneration


The candidate must be based in a low- and middle-income country, with a preference for candidates based in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Kenya, and Malaysia. The candidate must have work authorization in their place of residence as GSL is not able to sponsor employment visas. The candidate must have the ability to travel internationally as well as within the country.  

Salary and title are commensurate with experience and competitive with the non-profit education sector in the country where candidates are based. The salary for this position is calculated based on the cost of living of the candidate's home country and their level of experience. As points of reference, below is the annual salary range in several countries:

  • S Africa: 750,000 ZAR - 975,000 ZAR per annum

  • Nigeria: 15m NGN - 19m NGN per annum


Commitment to Diversity

GSL is an equal opportunity employer. We value diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive work environment for all employees - across nationalities, races, ethnicity, religions, economic backgrounds, sexual orientations, disabilities, languages, ages, genders, and prior experiences.In our hiring, we seek those who have an inclusive mindset and who notice and correct inequities when they arise. 

Child Safeguarding

GSL is committed to safeguarding children. Background checks may be conducted as part of the hiring process. All team members are asked to agree to a safeguarding policy.

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