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Strategy and Operations Intern

Strategy and Operations team

Remote, 3 Months

Applications for this position are now closed.

Global School Leaders’ Intern Program:

Global School Leaders’ Intern Program is intentionally designed to be a supportive, engaging, and relevant learning experience for our interns and to provide needed capacity and contributions for our teams. 


Key elements of the GSL Intern Program:

  • Our teams choose or design projects that will be interesting learning experiences and appropriate for short-term work.

  • Our program utilizes a cohort model so that small groups of interns can join and learn together.

  • We provide professional learning experiences for our interns, separate from their regular work. These experiences include exposure to other teams or aspects of typical non-profit work in the education sector.

  • Our experienced team members are available to interns for one-on-one conversations to learn more about career paths and particular areas of interest.

Strategy and Operations Intern

This role will be a critical member of the Strategy and Operations team. This team is responsible for maintaining all of the org-wide operations at GSL and supporting other teams on various projects.

Candidate Qualifications
Required Qualifications 

(we will use these in our screening process; if you do not meet each of these, you will be denied)

  • Final year undergraduate student studying NGO management or administration OR an undergraduate degree in NGO management or administration

  • Some previous work experience OR a current or recent graduate student

  • Experience in desk research

  • Strong communication skills

  • Ability to commit to part-time work from around June 2024 – August 2024 (exact beginning and end dates are flexible)

  • Ability to devote 10–15 hours per week to GSL projects with some early morning or late evening calls (some weeks might be heavier or lighter)

  • Fluent in English or upper intermediate English speaking, listening, and writing (B2 or above)

Preferred Qualifications 

(these will not be used for screening purposes; if you feel you have some but not all of these, you are still encouraged to apply)

  • Attention to detail

  • Ability to take initiative without much guidance

  • Ability to learn independently

Key Projects and Workstreams

In this role, you will support the Strategy and Operations Team in the following ways:

  • Support the team in transitioning to and building out our new project management and customer relationship management platform (

  • Updating branding on our resources to match our new style guide

  • Maintaining our internal website and supporting our internal communications

  • Conducting research as needed around topics such as potential funders and funding opportunities, specific employment conditions in the countries where our staff lives, organization-wide policies that work in global organizations, and new topics that GSL is looking into such as education in emergencies

  • Through this work, the intern will gain skills in researching, building, and implementing systems and policies in a global nonprofit organization.

Working Remotely
  • You will work around 10–15 hours each week, with some weeks heavier than others.

  • You must have internet access and access to a computer. These will not be provided for you.

  • You will have little supervision and will need to monitor your own tasks and time carefully. Your manager will check in with you at least twice each week and will expect to see evidence of progress made on your projects during each check-in.

  • Because there is little supervision, you will need to be proactive about reaching out for help, asking questions, and scheduling time to talk to others on the team as needed.

  • Your working times can be flexible, but you will need to work with your manager to align your schedules. For example, you will not be able to work exclusively on weekends and you may need to have calls outside of typical working hours to account for the different time zones across our team.

  • You will be paid hourly and are expected to keep track of your time and submit timesheets and invoices. Your manager will review your time to ensure it is in line with the tasks you have completed.

Work Location and Remuneration

The intern can be based in any country. The intern must have work authorization in their place of residence as GSL is not able to sponsor employment visas. A modest hourly rate is paid to all interns based on the living wage in their place of residence. For example, in Chile, the rate is CLP 4,450 per hour, and in Tanzania, TZS 2,630 per hour (additional examples can be found here — an hourly rate is determined by dividing the suggested monthly rate by an average of 176 hours per month; interns should expect to work 10–15 hours per week).

Commitment to Diversity

GSL is an equal-opportunity employer.  We value diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive work environment for all employees - across nationalities, races, ethnicity, religions, economic backgrounds, sexual orientations, disabilities, languages, ages, genders, and prior experiences. In our hiring, we seek those with an inclusive mindset and who notice and correct inequities when they arise. 

Child Safeguarding

GSL is committed to safeguarding children. Background checks may be conducted as part of the hiring process. All team members are asked to agree to a safeguarding policy.

Applications for this position are now closed.

What we look for


You believe passionately that students can achieve at high levels, that education systems can be designed to ensure that achievement, and that developing school leaders is a key element in doing so.


You love to learn - from others, from research, from your work - and you are open to saying that you do not know the answer to a question, but that you will go and find the answers. You are also willing to help others on the team learn and are generous with your knowledge.


You welcome opportunities to lead. Because we are a small team, everyone has a voice and has opportunities to lead meetings and projects. 


You set a high bar for yourself and for others both in the work you produce and in the way you form relationships. You demonstrate care for others, and you think about the impact you have on those around you. You seek out, listen to and value the voices of those closest to children - students, teachers, school leaders, and our partners.


You are a self-starter and great at managing your time. Because of our remote work, you will have a very flexible schedule but high expectations for what you accomplish during your work time. (Please note, though, that due to our team being spread across the globe, meetings may need to be scheduled at very early morning hours (5 or 6am) or very late evening/night hours (10 or 11pm).

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About GSL

School leaders have the potential to make incredible changes in the lives of students by building a strong school culture and helping teachers provide great instruction. Yet, school leadership has not been prioritized in low and middle-income countries. GSL works to change that through the following workstreams:

  1. We catalyze and support local partner organizations to deliver and scale high-quality training to school leaders. 

  2. We generate insights from our partners and the broader research community to inform education policymakers, researchers, and practitioners on the best ways to support and develop strong school leadership. 

  3. We connect our partner organizations with each other for deep learning between themselves and amongst the broader school leadership community - governments, funders, and policymakers.

We are a small but mighty remote team spread across the globe. We care about each other, and we care about the work.

In five years, we have: 

  • Partnered with organizations in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kenya, and Brazil that work with over 3,500 school leaders, impacting approximately 920,000 students.

  • Published an evidence review on what is known about school leadership globally, as well as two surveys that help the policy community hear from teacher and school leader voices.

  • Become one of the leading voices in conversations about school leadership in the global south, being asked to speak at conferences and webinars throughout the world, and being recognized for our work. In 2021, HundrED, in partnership with the World Bank, recognized GSL as one of the top ten impactful and scalable solutions that support teachers’ professional development. 

  • Established the School Leadership Network with the International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030 hosted by UNESCO and the Varkey Foundation to convene online meetings with 100+ experts and 400+ school leaders from 50+ countries to foster peer learning, share innovative practices, and strengthen school leaders’ voice in policy circles.

  • Expanded our work to support needs during COVID in the Philippines, Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, and Peru.

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