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Inspirasi Foundation



INSPIRASI,  partners with the government, private sector, and research institutions to enhance school leadership in public schools and madrasahs. GSL started collaborating with INSPIRASI in 2018, using it as a testing ground for new approaches. INSPIRASI supports schools through workshops, coaching, and digital literacy programs, researching tutoring and differentiated learning. Presently, they engage with 368 school leaders, poised to impact 26,576 students in Indonesia.

Project Spotlight: 
Addressing learning loss through group
and individual tutoring

In the aftermath of COVID-19, many schools faced, and are still facing, tremendous learning loss from lost instructional time due to school closures, remote instruction, and slow re-enrollment in school. In collaboration with GSL, Inspirasi developed a training program for teachers and school leaders to address some of these challenges. Through the program, participants learned how to assess students’ basic numeracy skills, conduct differentiated foundational instruction based on the student’s assessed level, regularly check for understanding, and, in some cases, implement individual tutoring.

In our study, we observed significant improvements in the foundational numeracy skills of students across all interventions. Schools that provided individual tutoring to students saw even more substantial progress in comparison to those without this additional support. Furthermore, schools with trained principals exhibited a positive impact, with teachers being more punctual in implementing the interventions.  This highlights the valuable role of school leadership in the successful implementation of educational programs.

GSL’s role and future work of our partnership

GSL supports Inspirasi by providing technical support on the program curriculum they provide to school leaders and teachers, reviewing their program monitoring and evaluation instruments, and supporting with feedback on program theory of change, data collection, and data analysis. 

In the coming years, we are working with Inspirasi to expand our research on best practices for addressing learning loss through Program Akselerasi . This project will expand upon the learnings from our previous research and will continue to utilize differentiated learning strategies to accelerate student learning in numeracy with specific attention to growth mindsets.

This work will help us to answer one of our primary learning questions, what are the best strategies for supporting the development of school leaders in the Global South? We have learned that optimal support for school leaders involves content, coaching, and community, and are working to learn more about how to scale coaching, best practices for online community and asynchronous support, and what role systems and administrative support should play in developing school leaders.

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