Global School Leaders (GSL), with the support of local corporates and foundations, will create an organization, the Indonesian Principal’s Academy (IPA) to pilot a two-year continuous professional development program for the principal and leadership team of poorly performing schools. The goal of the pilot will be to develop a model for school leadership development that can make an impact on student learning at scale in Indonesia and serve as a demonstration model for LPPKS.

The pilot group in 2019 will consist of twenty-five principals, and their vice-principals, of low performing schools in a suburb around Jakarta. In 2020, we will bring on an additional 50 schools making the total pilot group 75 schools. The cohort would consist of primary schools serving marginalized students both from the public and private sectors.

The goal of IPA will be to develop leadership solutions that can be implemented at scale in Indonesia while improving outcomes for marginalized students. If successful, will show improvements in the schools that participated in the program. By 2029, IPA will aim to serve at least 10% of the school leaders in the country, or approximately 30,000 school leaders that touch 5 million students. IPA will also work to integrate its programming within the government, particularly leveraging the existing structures as well as incentives that the government already has in place for principals to participate in continuous professional development.

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