Our Global Reach

Since launching in 2017, our partners have trained  School Leaders in India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, the Philippines, and Uganda.

We support partners with content, coaching and tools to deliver high impact programs.

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We have strengthened over 3600 Leaders through our global partnerships



Alokit enables K-12 leaders to drive high-quality schools and education systems in India. They hone the leadership competencies of school leaders to drive improved system and school outcomes. For school leaders serving government schools and affordable private schools, Alokit does this through pre-inservice training, coaching support, and building a network of School Leaders who can come together and share their challenges and successes and learn from each other. Alokit has partnered with state and municipal government agencies in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Punjab as well as low-fee private schools across the country. In 2021, Alokit will work with School Leaders of more than 500 schools.


Pemimpin GSL

Pemimpin began training school leaders in 2017. Their first two year cohort included 48 school leader representatives from 22 government schools across three regions in Malaysia. The cohort comprised of 14 school principals and 34 senior administrators. School Leaders participated in workshops six to eight times a year, followed by personalized in-school coaching to contextualize the learnings. In addition, Pemimpin worked with another set of 25 schools that were in a school improvement program run by the PINTAR Foundation, where the school leaders only participated in workshops. In 2021, Pemimpin will work with the leadership teams of 150 schools.


Dignitas Ustadi School Leadership

Dignitas is a Kenyan non-profit organization implementing education leadership professional development programs. GSL partnered with Dignitas and the Africa Educational Trust (AET) to implement a 6-month pilot school leadership training program in Nairobi and Laikipia North in 2019. Dignitas implemented the professional training program for 54 school leaders from 27 low-fee private schools in urban Nairobi, and AET implemented the program for 27 government school leaders in rural Laikipia North. In 2021, GSL's partnership with Dignitas will support leaders of 100 government schools in Machakos County.



Inspirasi launched its pilot program in July 2019 serving 25 schools in Karawang district in Indonesia. These consist of 20 government primary schools and 5 Madrassa schools. The Inspirasi program is 18 months long, and in line with the core GSL model follows the workshop - school visit - workshop model. In 2021, Inspirasi will work with school leaders of 90 schools.