Responding to the COVID Situation in India

Over 200 million children have been out of school in India for more than a year due to COVID-19 shutdowns.  We have seen a stark leadership divide emerge - with school leaders with the right mindset and skills leading learning in their communities while students in other schools are left to fend for themselves.


Now, we are hearing from worried education professionals about burnout at all levels. School leaders who have been trying to care for children, parents and teachers have no guidance on what to do next. Teachers are struggling to engage children online, and many are working on reduced or no salaries. Students are suffering from isolation and the initial reports of massive learning losses are very troubling.  

Given the urgency of the situation, we have initiated action to support school leaders to impact 1 million children.  Please help us meet these goals with a contribution.

INTERNAL_ India COVID April-May 2021.png