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By 2026, we hope to be actively improving the quality of school leadership for 6 million students, helping school leadership be a priority for policymakers, practitioners, and researchers.



We are a small but mighty remote team spread across the globe. We care about each other, and we care about the work. 

  • Passion: We believe passionately that students can achieve at high levels, that education systems can be designed to ensure that achievement, and that developing school leaders is a key element in doing so.

  • Learning: We love to learn - from others, from research, from our work - and we are open to saying that we do not know the answer to a question but that we will go and find the answers. We are also willing to help others on the team learn and are generous with our knowledge. 

  • Leadership: We welcome opportunities to lead. Because we are a small team, everyone has a voice and has opportunities to lead meetings and projects. 

  • Relationships: We set a high bar for ourselves and for others both in the work we produce and in the way we form relationships. We demonstrate care for others and think about the impact we have on those around us. We seek out, listen to and value the voices of those closest to children - students, teachers, school leaders, and our partners. 

  • Self-Starter: We are all self-starters and great at managing our time. Because of our remote work, we have a very flexible schedule but high expectations for what we accomplish during our work time. (Please note, though, that due to our team being spread across the globe, meetings may need to be scheduled at very early morning hours (5 or 6 am) or very late evening/night hours (10 or 11 pm). 



(There are no open positions at the moment. Stay tuned to this space to see open positions.)


If you are interested in an internship with us, please use this form to show your interest. 
We accept applications throughout the year and will reach out to you when an opportunity aligned with your interest opens up.


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