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Dr. Gopal Iyer

Director of Research

Gopal Iyer served as an Educational Specialist at Newcastle University, where he led the KATS (Kids Action Thru Science) program. The initiative involved the design and development of pedagogical methods aimed at enhancing the knowledge, attitude, and behavior of primary and secondary school children in India, Malaysia, Ethiopia, and Colombia. Before his role as an Educational Specialist, Gopal pursued his doctoral studies at Newcastle University, successfully completing his Ph.D. under the guidance of Professor Pauline Dixon. His research focused on examining the impact of Right to Education (RTE) norms and regulations on Low Fee Private Schools.


With a decade of experience, Gopal has worked with consulting firms such as AC Nielsen, The World Bank, iDiscoveri, and Educational Initiatives. During this time, he conceptualized and executed several large-scale educational research projects in the field of large-scale assessments. His primary passion lies in improving the quality of education in the Global South through evidence-based research. Gopal is deeply committed to enhancing foundational literacy in numeracy by harnessing pedagogical strategies and cost-effective educational technology. He holds a Ph.D. from Newcastle University, an MBA from FMS IIRM, and is honored as a John Blundell Scholar for his dedication to promoting the virtues of equality, diversity, and inclusion.

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