Global School Leaders is an international non-profit organization focused on mobilizing key stakeholders to invest and participate in school leadership training. We work with funders, governments, and NGOs in low and middle-income countries (LMIC) to strengthen their education systems.

We currently work with partners in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Philippines, Uganda, Kenya, and Nigeria.  Cumulatively, we have strengthened leadership across 3600 schools.

We are a learning organization committed to enabling an excellent education for all children.

Our Values

Centred on Student Outcomes 

We believe that school leadership development is successful if it sustainably improves student success in academics, career and social-emotional development

Focused on Equity

We strive to serve those most in need to ensure access to education for all children.

Committed to Organizational Learning

We believe in rigorous, critical evaluation of programs, policies, and organizational effectiveness. We are proactive in ensuring individual and collective growth and learning.

Driving Systemic Impact

We are committed to accelerating long-term, systems change through policy work.

Fostering Collaboration

We foster relationships among key stakeholders to improve the school leadership ecosystem.

Acting with High Ethical Standards

We are committed to transparent decision-making and governance. We make decisions to serve the best interests of children. We promote an inclusive organizational vision, and act in accordance with local contexts and jurisdiction laws.

We know what it takes to improve schools in LMICs